Lifting bulbs

Spring bulbs have now had their day, so I have been lifting those I want to keep ‘for best’. Daffodils in some places are left to ‘naturalise’, and their fading foliage is removed for the sake of tidiness. Tulips, however, especially those in pots, need to be taken out, and stored. In most cases the pots were moved out of plain sight as and when the flowers finished, so they could replenish their reserves through the remaining leaves without looking too much of a mess. They’ll now be labelled and stored in the shed until the autumn when the round of planting begins again. Labelled, that is, if they already have labels. Quite a few have rendered themselves anonymous, and I’ll have to wait until next spring to be reminded what varieties they are. At which point, of course, I shall dutifully identify and label them. Of course I will.

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