Monthly Archives: April 2012

Mmm…and now April’s half over

Any excuses for failing to post anything in a month? Not really…bit busy, week’s holiday in the Lake District, but otherwise should have been able to make time. Never mind.
The garden is looking good now that there’s been a combination of rain and new planting. There is still a  huge pile of shrub cuttings sitting on the lawn to be recycled, and I do worry that birds will start nesting in there, which would mean they could not be touched for  many weeks – with a fair wind I will get them shifted this week. Speaking of nesting birds, our robins appear to have raised at least one chick: it looks about a week or so out of the nest, so it must have fledged over Easter. Ma and Pa are certainly both busy to-ing and fro-ing with food, and nearly take my hand off when I pop out first thing in the morning with a fistful of suet pellets [you can see why Sergio Leone passed on that one…].
View from YHA Ambleside
Easter week was spent in the Lake District, based at YHA Ambleside. What a location: if this was a ‘commercial’ hotel you’d pay a lot for the stunning view across Windermere to Bowfell and Crinkle Crags, to say nothing of the lake itself, and the amazing sunsets – which we enjoyed from both our family room and the dining room. The staff were uniformly friendly and helpful, and the food was filling and tasty – not a bad selection of local beers in the bar either. Weather was par for April in Cumbria: one day of steady rain, but all the rest were no worse than ‘showery’. There was a nice sprinkling of snow on the higher fells which made for some cracking views. Good birding, with common crossbills, dipper, treecreepers spotted on walks at Aira Force and Tarn Hows: and twenty-odd swallows dipping and weaving over Windermere one evening, as if revelling in the end of their long journey…except that they were gone next day, so must have just stopped off en route for Scotland perhaps.
Wee girl turned three while we were away, and started nursery school yesterday: she is growing up apace.
I was supposed to be back to work today, but the heavy thundery showers may put paid to  that: I think some more sowing of annuals is called for. There are already dozens of  perennials waiting to be planted, both here and in clients’ gardens, all enjoying a good soaking, and some veg seedlings coming along well in the greenhouse. Some early spuds I put in about three weeks ago are already sprouting vigorously in the sacks here at home: the allotment crop are a little bit behind for now. Oh, the joy to come of salad potatoes fresh from the soil!