Saturday evening….

Having enjoyed a pint of Shepherd Neame’s delicious Christmas Ale with my supper, I have spent the rest of  the evening footling about on Twitter. How strangely compulsive it is. My thought was to use it alongside this blog, as a way of supplementing the content and, in particular, of documenting some of the more trivial (yet interesting) bits of the day. But I fear I may end up spending far longer on it than I can afford. After all, this stuff is meant to be an adjunct to my daily work, not the daily work itself. No-one pays me for tweeting.
The main problem is the WILF phenomenon (‘While I am Looking For’ or ‘What was I Looking For?’) which afflicts all web activity. The threads take you off in all kinds of compelling directions, leaving you stranded several  minutes later with no idea of how you got where you are, nor of where you thought you wanted to be  in the first place. Which would be dreadful – were it not so enjoyable.

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