Just been reading Collected Poems by Frances Horovitz. Fantastic stuff. The sequence of poems about prehistoric sites is wonderful:but there is nothing less than good in this (all too brief) collection. I saw that it’s being reissued by Bloodaxe Books in their latest catalogue – and this prompted me to take another look.  
There is a brief selection of clips of Frances H reading here 

I remember being introduced to her by my mother, which must have been in the late 70s when FH was a frequent broadcaster and reader. I think she was probably the first living poet I was aware of, perhaps along with John Betjeman (in his late ‘cuddly national treasure’ phase, appearances on Parkinson et al). And I remember – and deeply regret – missing the opportunity to meet Ted Hughes, who did a reading at the girls’ school when I was in the 6th Form – and I was stuck in bed with a throat abcess…

“What a good use of life, to leave behind one beautiful book” (John Updike on Wallace Stevens)

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